Billy Bob Thornton gets mauled by a bear in these first images and poster for the movie Endangered

I am a sucker for movies that pit people against the wilderness. I loved Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin in THE EDGE as well as Liam Neeson in THE GREY. There are countless survival thrillers that play like horror movies and the new film ENDANGERED is one of them. The first images and poster for the movie have made their way to Cinema Blend and are not stingy with the gore.

ENDANGERED (titled RED MACHINE in Europe) stars Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo, and James Marsden in what is likely going to be a direct to On Demand movie here in North America but may be an entertaining diversion on a rainy day.

Thornton plays a bear hunter who has been waiting his entire life to kill him a bear. James Marsden plays a man recently released from prison who goes on a trip with his deputy brother (Thomas Jane), and his future sister-in-law (Piper Perabo) into the Alaskan wild. As you can imagine, a grizzly bear arrives and starts terrorizing our characters in no time.

As you can see in the photos below, the cast will literally be going toe to toe with some big ass bears and Billy Bob Thornton looks like he may get the worst of it. I mean, look at his damn ear! The gory skull photo makes me think there may be more than bears terrorizing these people in ENDANGERED but we will have to wait until the movie hits to find out.

ENDANGERED comes from SAW V director David Hackl and has no domestic release dates yet but keep an eye out.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, that poster is a blatant copy of the one for INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS
Source: CinemaBlend



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