Black in Olde Times

Jack Black Hyperkinetic, rotund funnyman Jack Black has apparently joined the cast of the comedy YE OLDE TIMES. The story centers on the employees of two rival Renaissance Fairs who resort to subterfuge to grab hold of the entire Renaissance Fair market. Because in any given town, there can only be one…Renaissance Fair. Black stars as Professor Shockworthy, a Renaissance re-enacter who guides a couple through the parlous waters of love. The cast is rounded out by a decidedly impresive list of names, including Tim Robbins, Will Arnett, Cary Elwes, and, apparently, a cameo from John C Reilly (and probably Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and at least one Wilson brother). Black can next be seen in the Michel Gondry comedy BE KIND REWIND, voicing a character in the animated action comedy KUNG FU PANDA and most recently signed on to star alongside the aforementioned BFF Stiller in the comedy TROPIC THUNDER.

Extra Tidbit:

Update: Hey, a guy can mistake Renaissance Fairs and Colonial Towns in the interest of mentioning a movie he'd love to see make it to theaters, can't he? I get a few hundred year mistake curve, don't I?

Renaissance Fairs are not also featured in Chuck Palahniuk's "Choke", which hopefully will also soon be coming to the big screen.



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