Black Lagoon update

It's been quite a while since it was announced that director Breck Eisner (SAHARA) was bringing the Gill-Man back to cinematic life in a remake of Universal's classic CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Things have been quiet on that riverfront... until recently.

The prehistoric fish-dude isn't dead, just treading water. Eisner tells STYD that he's been busy reworking the script by Gary Ross (SEABISCUIT) in between prepping his remake of George Romero's THE CRAZIES. But he says locations have already been scouted and the new creature has already been designed. He also says he's aiming more for tone than spectacle (he previously said he wanted to bring the sci-fi sensibility of ALIEN or John Carpenter's THE THING), and also mentions Werner Herzog's FITZCARRALDO, which is certainly an intriguing point of comparison. Read what else Eisner has to say RIGHT HERE.

The original 1954 film (written by Gary Ross' dad Arthur) followed an Amazon expedition crew that discovers an ancient aquatic humanoid who digs chicks. Everyone from Ivan Reitman to Guillermo del Toro were previously rumored to be swimming around the director's chair on the remake before Disney kid Breck climbed aboard.
Extra Tidbit: Gill-Man is the only major Universal catalog creature to evade severe molestation by Stephen Sommers.
Source: STYD



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