No rumor: Ridley Scott talks Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels

In an interview with Metro, director Ridley Scott let loose a few details about the sequels to both PROMETHEUS and BLADE RUNNER, altogether confirming the existence of the former when asked about the "rumor" that he was developing a sequel, saying, "It’s not a rumour – it’s happening. With Harrison Ford? I don’t know yet. Is he too old? Well, he was a Nexus-6 so we don’t know how long he can live [laughs]. And that’s all I’m going to say at this stage"

So, from the man himself, a BLADE RUNNER sequel is happening.  He doesn't say when it's happening, but confirms that it's at least not some rumor that got away from a message board and became chiseled in stone.  Personally, I've never had a burning desire for a sequel to the film, but I would like to see what a now-seasoned Ridley would do with one.

Scott also talked a bit about the planned PROMETHEUS sequel, saying, "I hadn’t done sci-fi for so long and I enjoyed doing it. Plus, when it comes to the Alien world, no one else had addressed the origin question and I thought that was interesting to tackle. Prometheus evolved into a whole other universe. You’ve got a person [Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw] with a head in a bag [Michael Fassbender’s David] that functions and has an IQ of 350. It can explain to her how to put the head back on the body and she’s gonna think about that long and hard because, once the head is back on his body, he’s dangerous."

When asked if that was the idea for the sequel, Scott replied, "I wish it was that easy. They’re going off to paradise but it could be the most savage, horrible place. Who are the Engineers?"

I'm game for either sequel, especially with Scott at the helm, but I'm more excited for his upcoming THE COUNSELOR then either of these proposed projects.  Scott is known for "collecting" projects like crazy, so we'll see where it all leads.  It will be more interesting to see if he's able to get Harrison Ford onboard, which will stir some controversy regarding his revealed fate in the first film. 

Ridley Scott's THE COUNSELOR hits theaters on November 15, 2013. 

Extra Tidbit: Which of these would you most want to see a sequel to?
Source: Metro



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