Bob Odenkirk to star in new action film Nobody from John Wick producers

Bob Odenkirk got his start in comedy with shows like MR. SHOW WITH BOB AND DAVID with David Cross, and has been making the transition into drama in recent years. He’s achieved acclaim for his work as Saul Goodman on BETTER CALL SAUL and BREAKING BAD and in movies like THE POST, but will now go down a much different path. That’s right, get ready to see him kick some ass in a new movie he’s doing with the producers of JOHN WICK and ATOMIC BLONDE.

Deadline got the exclusive that Odenkirk will be starring and producing an action film called NOBODY with David Leitch (DEADPOOL 2, ATOMIC BLONDE), Chad Stahelski (JOHN WICK) and Kelly McCormick and Derek Kolstad (script for JOHN WICK) executive producing. Kolstad will also write the script, but no director is currently attached.

As for the plot, the story revolves around an “everyday man who gets pushed past his limits.” He comes to the rescue of a woman who is being attacked by some men, putting them in the hospital. Turns out, one of the men has some big connections to some bad guys, who then come after Odenkirk for revenge. Odenkirk's not gonna throw the law book at these guys; he's gonna bash them over the head with it. 

I love me some Bob Odenkirk, but he’s not exactly the guy you imagine going all Liam Neeson on everyone. However, that’s what makes the project so fascinating. I don’t think Odenkirk will be pulling any of those Keanu Reeves moves, but I can see him punching out a few fools and pistol whipping some others. The man has shown some impressive range in recent years, so he’s earned the right to sucker punch some thugs.

THE POST is now in theaters nationwide. 

Source: Deadline



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