Body of Lies: Unpopular

Russell Crowe has been talking about the planned movie BODY OF LIES that he is set to star in with Leonardo DiCaprio and to be directed by Ridley Scott. Particularly, he's been talking about whether or not the government can truly be criticised in a movie these days, and the following was his (fantastic) response: “You obviously don’t know Ridley Scott very well... I don’t think he’d be doing it if he felt there were going to be any constraints on him. I think the studio is aware of who they’ve hired to do the gig, and what [Scott] wants it to be about.” Do we think Scott will feel pressure when he's making this film? I doubt it, the man's practically an institution at this point. Plus Crowe hasn't thrown any phones/whipped any ass recently, so he's probably itching for it. Ridley would probably use him like Jet Li in UNLEASHED. The film is based on the novel by David Ignatius, about a former journalist that is hired by the CIA to track down an Al Qaeda leader in Jordan. William Monahan, the dude who penned the incredible THE DEPARTED screenplay, adapted the novel. Final word? “I don’t think it will be very popular,” Crowe insisted. “But that’s never been part of my project choice process.”
Extra Tidbit: Crowe lists his background as Norwegian and Maori.
Source: MTV



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