Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy has lined up his next film and a TV series

If the name Troy Duffy rings a bell, that means you are a big fan of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. Or you may just be familiar with his rise and "fall" in the documentary OVERNIGHT. Either way, his story is an interesting Hollywood story that we have heard countless times before. With THE BOONDOCK SAINTS and it's sequel hosting a rabid cult following, news of Duffy returning to direct a third feature will be met with a lot of excitement.

Deadline reports that Duffy will be developing not only a television series based on an infamous 19th century pirate titled KINGDOM COME, but his next directorial effort will be THE BLOOD SPOON COUNCIL. The film will sound familiar to fans of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS.

[A] thriller about a vigilante group led by an eccentric mastermind prolifer that hunts, captures and disposes of serial killers.

I personally don't think THE BOONDOCK SAINTS is anything special, but I do respect the lengths that Duffy has gone to in getting his movies made. With the fallout he experienced with The Weinsteins after THE BOONDOCK SAINTS II, THE BLOOD SPOON COUNCIL will be produced by Voltage Pictures. It remains to be seen if the new film can live up to the expectations of his fanbase, but I would venture to guess at the very least he will please the Redbox crowd hungering for another action movie.

Source: Deadline



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