Brad Bird shares pic of the mysterious box behind 1952

It looks like J.J. Abrams is really rubbing off on his his Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol collaborator Brad Bird. Bird has been quietly developing a top-secret project, codenamed 1952, with other-Abrams-alum Damon Lindelof penning the script with Jeff Jensen, for quite some time, now, with the internets scrambling to find everything relevant that happened in the year 1952 to try and crack the film's plot, coming up with such plot possibilities as: aliens, aliens, and more aliens.

The idea behind the project is that Lindelof discovered a mysterious box in the Disney archives that inspired him to write the film's script, which is the kind of Blair Witch Project, urban myth styled marketing that I get wobbly at the knees for. Brad Bird has now tweeted a photo of this mysterious box, so everybody get your photo manipulation software ready, and set them to "Enhance":


Looks like we've got some old letters, an old roll of film, a photo of Walt Disney, and- Wait, what? Suddenly, this is starting to look like it may very well not be about aliens. But, then again, who ever said that Walt Disney didn't consult alien technology for the construction of Disney World? Or that Disney himself isn't of alien descent? Or that... okay, I'll stop with the speculating and leave that up to you guys in the Strike Backs. All we know, for certain, is that George Clooney might be in it.

Extra Tidbit: 1952 Cowriter Jeff Jensen does't have too much writing credits to his name, but he's done stunts on 77 projects, including Walker, Texas Ranger, so his street cred is ridiculously awesome.
Source: Brad Bird



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