Brad Pitt will produce and star in Steve McQueen's Twelve Years a Slave

Director Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender have so far collaborated on two films: HUNGER and SHAME. Soon they will be undertaking a third, TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE with Chiwetel Ejiofor in the lead.

Now someone else is joining the cast-- Brad Pitt. The actor has been attached in a producing capacity under his Plan B banner. I guess he decided that he had to get in front of the camera as well. Screen Daily offered no additional details only a confirmation of the news.

The film is being adapted from Solomon Northrup’s autobiography, with Ejiofor playing the role of Northrup. In the autobiography, Northrup tells his story about being a freed black man who was kidnapped in 1841 and sent to a slave plantation in Louisiana, which he was rescued from in 1853. The adaptation was written by John Ridley (RED TAILS).

There are no details on the roles that Fassbender or Pitt will be playing.

Source: Screen Daily



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