Bradley Cooper now starring in infomercials?

The Bradley Cooper action-thriller THE DARK FIELDS was recently retitled LIMITLESS, a title that somehow got worse than THE DARK FIELDS. A shame because it's a pretty sharp script about a schlumpy guy (Cooper) who finds a pill that allows him to use much more of his brain's capacity. He's suddenly smarter, funnier, stronger, so on and so forth. But the pill has some nasty side-effects and the dude is running out - plus there's a drug company rep (Robert De Niro) on his tail.

To help promote the film, Cooper filmed a mock-infomercial for the pill. It's an interesting premise but the character Cooper plays in the film would never publicly endorse the product (am I asking too much for a marketing campaign to make sense in the scheme of the movie?). Still it's something a little inspired for the film with the least inspired title I've seen in a while. Check the video out below and the associated viral site here.

Extra Tidbit: The film was directed by Neil Burger whose THE ILLUSIONIST was a majorly underrated film.
Source: TMZ



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