Call Me By Your Name sequel will be set in the late 80s

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME secured some major Oscar nominations this week, including for Best Actor (Timothee Chalamet) and Best Picture. Normally these kinds of Oscar films don’t get the sequel talk, but director Luca Guadagnino already has plans for where to take Elio (Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer) next. In a new interview, he hints that the sequel will be set after one of the most iconic events of the 20th century – the falling of the Berlin Wall.

During a lengthy chat with Collider, Guadagnino spoke about revisiting the characters in future, wanting to do a “cycle of films” about them. He kept some secrets but revealed that the movie will be set right after the fall of the Wall (1989).

I think the next chapter it will be happening right after the fall of Berlin Wall and that great shift that was the end of Russia, of the USSR, sorry. And we’ll see people leaving home and going in the world. That’s what I can say for now.

Guadagnino has been talking about a sequel for a few months, talking about how much he loves the characters and wants to explore them again. The first movie takes place in 1983 and finds Elio falling for Oliver as they gallivant across the beautiful, northern-Italian countryside. If the movie does take place after the end of the USSR, this may also mean a location shift. Don’t worry, there are plenty of lovely places around the world to gallivant.

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME is one of the BP nominees I have yet to see, but I will be remedying that soon. People seem to have fallen in love with this movie, turning Chalamet to the hottest young talent on the scene. What I’ve seen from clips and trailers makes me believe it lives up to the hype, and perhaps Guadagnino can strike lightning twice with a sequel.

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME is in theaters now.

Source: Collider



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