Armie Hammer dropped by agency & publicist amid social media scandal

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Armie Hammer's 2021 is not off to a great start. Hammer's problems arose when DM's and audio messages, allegedly from the actor, were leaked on social media which detailed rape fantasies and an appetite for cannibalism with his sexual partners. The fallout was pretty swift as the actor gradually exited high-profile projects and his career plunge continued over the weekend as powerful talent agency WME, and his personal publicist dropped the actor in the wake of his social media scandal.

Hammer first exited the Lionsgate romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding which co-stars Jennifer Lopez. While statements from the actor and Lionsgate appeared to suggest that it was Hammer's decision to step away from the project to focus on his kids during this very surreal personal situation, "Variety" reports that Hammer was actually asked to leave the project because of the unwanted attention the scandal would bring to the film. The same is the case for The Offer, a Paramount+ series about the making of The Godfather. There was also a third project called Gaslit, a star-studded series produced by Sam Esmail and starring Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, and Joel Edgerton. Hammer exited the projects weeks ago due to scheduling conflicts with The Offer and before any of these messages went public. Even though Gaslit doesn't seem like it was lost due to the current mess that Hammer is in, the narrative is out there that the actor is being dropped from projects left and right due to his personal issues and there are no signs that any of this is going to get any better.

Although the messages that started this scandal have been unverified, they pretty much opened the flood gates for other women to come forward that claim they had similar exchanges with Hammer. It should be pointed out that none of the women so far have suggested any of their encounters were not consensual but they do "accuse him of emotional abuse, manipulation, and coercion." These character accusations come from at least three former partners making claims against him that were detailed by "Variety" and "Page Six."

Running concurrently with this scandal is Hammer's questionable Instagram videos from the Cayman Islands which prompted an investigation from authorities in the Caribbean nation. One video in question made Hammer go on the record that a scantily clad woman in the video that he referred to as "Miss Cayman" was not, in fact, the real Miss Cayman.

Perhaps what's putting Hammer in such an impossible situation is that he hasn't fully addressed the scandal. When he exited Shotgun Wedding, the actor responded by saying, in part, that "I'm not responding to these bullshit claims" but he hasn't really outright denied them either. On top of this, his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers hasn't really jumped to his defense either. In fact, Chambers finally took to Instagram to address the issue and she put the focus on really hearing the women that have accused him by saying "For weeks, I’ve been trying to process everything that has transpired. I am shocked, heartbroken, and devastated. Heartbreak aside, I am listening and will continue to listen and educate myself on these delicate matters. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know." You can see Chambers' full Instagram post below.

The public opinion on Hammer appears to be mixed. For some, his behavior is unacceptable in this post-#metoo era we live in while others think it's a bit much that his career is now in question due to something being labeled as "kink-shaming." Wherever you fall on this, it appears that Hollywood players think it's bad to be in the Armie Hammer business at this current moment and time and it will be interesting to see if he can rebound from the very public shaming his enduring right now.

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Source: Variety

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