Captain America writer wants Peter Dinklage as MODOK for the sequel

CAPTAIN AMERICA is one of the few movies I've seen twice this summer - I really think it's that good. But one thing that struck me after watching it was wondering how they hell they're going to develop the sequel. The obvious time period element is a main concern; it's no spoiler to say that Cap is now in modern times fighting with the Avengers. Is the sequel in 2011 or back during the events of the first film?

But another concern is finding a quality villain. Red Skull is Cap's main protagonist and is such a strong villain, trying to follow him up with a lesser character would be tough consider Cap doesn't really have any other major baddies. But CAPTAIN AMERICA writer Christopher Markus has an idea: MODOK. Even better? His casting suggestion of Peter Dinklage.

Of course, writers don't always have a ton of say when it comes to these mega-budget franchises but if Markus has his way, that's who he'd like to write for the CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel. Even Markus seems to admit it might be a long shot though. "I love MODOK and I think you could make a terrifying movie with MODOK but nobody seems to be on my side at the moment...

Markus vows to continue the fight adding, "I will win you over..." Do you think it's a solid choice? If not, who should Cap fight in his second go-round?

Source: LA Times



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