Captain Marvel set before Iron Man & will feature the Skrulls (SDCC 2017)

In the year since Brie Larson was cast as Captain Marvel we have heard very little about the hero’s solo movie. Now that Comic-Con is in full swing, though, Marvel has released some juicy details about the movie, including the time frame and the villains.

Coming out of the Marvel panel, it was announced that the movie will take place in the 90’s before the events of IRON MAN, and that the main villain(s) Carol Danvers (a.k.a. Captain Marvel) will be fighting are the Skrulls. We also got a tiny glimpse at her costume, and needless to say, it’s very in line with the comics.

As for the baddies, the Skrulls are a major enemy for the Avengers in the comics, and they have been at the center of several wars and other major conflicts. Don’t know if this is about setting up the next major conflict, or if it will somehow tie into the INFINITY WAR storyline.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is set for March 2019.

Source: SDCC 2017



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