Cast of Thor: Ragnarok performs the movie in 4D with James Corden

**Very very very very minor spoilers for THOR: RAGNAROK**

If you had gotten a chance to see THOR: RAGNAROK before everyone else, the last thing you’d wanna see is James Corden's big face popping up on screen and saying that, in fact, you were brought in for something else. However, in a grand twist of fate, the actual prank (as it were) turns out to be on par with the movie you’re about to watch, as the real cast comes out and hilariously recreates the movie in front of your very eyes, clothed in cheap costumes and props.

This happened to an unsuspecting audience in L.A., where instead of seeing a regular screening of THOR they were treated to “THOR: RAGNAROK 4D” and the stars acted out the movie as the characters following Corden's narration. The audience seemed perplexed and angry at first, but as soon as Chris Hemsworth came skipping out looking like a fair maiden at a renaissance festival, the laughs were big and never-ending. All the major cast were there, including Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Mark Ruffalo, Jeff Goldblum and Tessa Thompson.  Is this the future of cinema? Well, the future is a funny thing to predict, but we can assume one thing: The Goldblum system will surely replace all forms of currency. 

THOR: RAGNAROK is in theaters today!!!



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