Cast This: Cpt. Price

I thought we'd have a fitting close to what has universally been accepted as "Call of Duty" week worldwide. With the game hauling in $310M in 24 hours, talk of a feature film adaptation couldn’t be helped, so that’s why I’m taking this week to tackle casting what is sure to be one of the titular roles.

Yes, if we’re being honest, British SAS Specialist Soap MacTavish would likely be the lead in the film, but seeing as he’s voiced by Kevin McKidd, who has said he would be up for playing him in the movie, I figured we’d go with someone a bit less certain. That’s right, it’s the man with the plan, and more importantly the mustache, it’s CAPTAIN PRICE.

In the first “Modern Warfare,” players were introduced to Price as sort of a mentor to Soap, and in one level, even actually got to play as Price, skulking around the ruins of Chernobyl. In the new game (SPOILER ALERT), players are reunited with Price who has been locked away in a Russian Gulag for years, and he leads the effort to combat the evil forces who have collaborated to start World War III.

So who are we looking for? Someone older, British and most importantly badass. That doesn’t exactly narrow it down, but they also should be able to pull off a wicked mustache and bush hat without looking completely ridiculous. Not an easy task by any means.

Middle-aged British dudes aren’t exactly who we normally look for in Cast This, but I’m all for diversity, and I’m interested to see what you guys come up with this week. And speaking of diversity, we move now in the completely in the opposite direction as we’re taking a look at some young, hot potential felines from last week.

Last Week: BLACK CAT

Even through just yesterday, we’ve been hearing a laughable amount of Black Cat casting rumors. First it was that McAdams was out, then it was Julia Stiles being considered, now it’s Anne Hathaway. But as it turns out, you guys are on a completely different track than those at the studio, and I have to say, I like your choices better.

1. Amber Heard (17%) 2. Summer Glau (9%) 3. Elisha Cuthbert (8%)

I think Amber Heard without a doubt looks the part, but I have yet to see her prove her ass kicking ability. Summer Glau on the other hand is a bit of the opposite. I don’t really think she has the look (and would look scary with white-blonde hair), but as we’ve seen, don’t know if there’s a working actress today who has more martial arts prowess then her.

I think Cuthbert is a bit of both, but I think she’s come a long way from her glory days as Jack Bauer’s hot daughter, and I don’t mean that in a good way. She’d have to whip herself into shape and learn how to fight, but other than that I think she has the look down more than anyone else I’ve seen suggested.

Alright, let's hear those Price suggestions!

Extra Tidbit: Nestor Carbonell is now rumored to be the frontrunner to play Khan, a rumor that I'm pretty sure we started.
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