Cast This: Domino (Deadpool 2)

With the runaway box office success of DEADPOOL, the inevitable sequel was certain to adapt more mutants from Marvel Comics to join (or fight) motor-mouthed mercenary Wade Wilson, played with boundless enthusiasm and violence by Ryan Reynolds.

Fan-favorite character Cable was basically a sure thing for the follow-up (and his convoluted origins will likely receive snarky fourth-wall-breaking commentary by our crimson-clad anti-hero). But it has since been confirmed that Cable's pistol-packing comic book colleague Domino will also be part of DEADPOOL 2.

Domino, whose real name is Neena Thurman, first appeared in the ongoing New Mutants comic (*sort of -- see below) with all the pouches and dubious anatomy one would expect from a Rob Liefeld creation. Her mutant ability involves subliminal probability manipulation, which essentially causes her to have "good luck" while her opponents experience "bad luck." In addition to that handy power, Domino is lethal with firearms and highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

(*It was later revealed that the Domino originally introduced in New Mutants was actually the shapeshifting mutant Copycat, whose real name is Vanessa Carlysle -- the character portrayed by Morena Baccarin in DEADPOOL. It will be interesting to see if the movie version of Vanessa ever acquires similar superpowers.)

One of the only survivors of a government program designed to engineer the perfect weapon, the pale-skinned Domino later joined a team of mercenaries that included the time-traveling telekinetic mutant named Cable. She has also been romantically involved with both Cable and Deadpool in various comic storylines, which could present a contentious dynamic if carried into the movie.

Domino was also a core member of the mutant team X-Force, so it makes sense for the character to be included in DEADPOOL 2 since the studio is already discussing the possibility of making X-Force a part of DEADPOOL 3.

Domino also appeared in the recent Deadpool videogame, which featured ubiquitous voice actor Nolan North (Uncharted) as the chatty murder machine.

A number of actresses were already reportedly being pursued for the Domino role in DEADPOOL 2, but the fact that the sequel just secured JOHN WICK co-director David Leitch to replace Tim Miller still gives us an opportunity to envision someone specific in the part ourselves.

That original list did contain a variety of appealing choices to deliver the character's brash attitude, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ruby Rose of "Orange Is the New Black", and Lizzy Caplan (who would be my own pick as she's welcome in anything, plus it would be cool to see her shooting and punching people), but there's a number of other ladies who could do justice to the role.

Let us know below who YOU think would make a killer Domino!

RESULTS FROM CAST THIS: MISTER SINISTER: 1. Tom Cruise 2. Jason Isaacs 3. Hugh Laurie

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