Cast This: Venom/Eddie Brock

Recently, we reported that that Josh Trank, director of CHRONICLE may be the one to helm the Venom film. Though Trank's involvement is still a rumor, it proves that someone is still holding on to hope that this is going to get made.

So with that said, who do you cast as not only Venom, but the man inside the symbiote, Eddie Brock.

Upon first seeing Venom in the teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3, everyone was f*cking stoked. "Wow, this might actually go well..." could have been the thought of the collective viewers if all were asked to speak out loud.

Except, that didn't happen. We got Topher Grace and his cry baby bitch attitude.

Eddie Brock was pissed at Spider-Man when he pulled the rug out from under him on the unmasking of the Sin Eater in the Daily Bugle. Brock was then left to work for the gossip rags and his wife left him. Looking into a dim future, Brock took to some intense workouts and dedicated himself to destroying Spider-Man. He hated the guy. That's why the symbiote bonds with him so well. Brock/Venom are not merely minor footnotes. While I could dedicate this entire article to choosing where we pick up with Venom/Eddie (origin, after truce with Spidey/the anti-hero, Anti-Venom, etc), we've got to find out who can fill the symbiote and the shoes of Venom/Eddie Brock.

Extra Tidbit: Best random request for the next Eddie Brock: "I will not accept an Eddie Brock that doesn't look like he can bench press a Ford Taurus."
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