Could Chronicle director Josh Trank be the one to helm the Venom film?

Dear Eddie Brock/Venom,

Look, I'm really sorry about the whole Topher Grace thing. I know I shouldn't be the one apologizing here, but you're a really badass character who deserves more than that. Hollywood has been taking a while on getting your solo film off the ground. I'm really hoping they don't f*ck that up either. Here's some good news though- it looks like they may have found a decent director to take on your story. If someone doesn't get the casting right on this, I might start my career as a pyromaniac.


One of your many adoring fans.

Sorry, I felt like writing an open letter to a fictional character. Everything I said in the above is true. The Venom film may have actually found a director in CHRONICLE'S JOSH TRANK. Now this is just the buzz, not actually a solid truth. CHRONICLE was actually a nice surprise, so currently I have no issues with this choice if it does come to fruition.

Will Topher Grace return? No.

Jacob Estes (THE DETAILS) wrote a script way back when the project first came about circa 2008, but it looks like Sony is trying to find someone else to do a new draft. What we need to be worried about is the casting and script. Let's hope they do right by both.

Source: LA Times



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