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Plans for a SHERLOCK HOLMES sequel are well underway as the first one performed quite admirably in theaters, and the new one is reported to start shooting shortly. The original film left us a most obvious set up for another installment, as it firmly planted a villain in place for the next go-round.

The producers are now reportedly on the lookout for the baddie to play opposite Robert Downey Jr. He’s a man equally as smart, and twice as devious as Holmes, he’s the infamous PROFESSOR MORIARTY.

As you can see from the picture above, there uh, isn’t exactly a whole lot to go on appearance-wise when casting the character. In fact, when you search for “sherlock holmes moriarty” on Google, you’re treated to dozens of pictures of Brad Pitt.

Pitt was rumored to be making a cameo in the original HOLMES film as Moriarty, but clearly something blew up with that and either A) they didn’t want to cram that in the film or B) they didn’t want it to be Pitt after all. And judging by the fact that they’re obviously searching to fill the part now, I don’t think the whole Pitt thing is going to work out.

So who are we looking for? Someone around RDJ’s age presumably, and who would have the ability to interact with him in a humorous fashion, which shouldn't be too hard. I would actually think it should be someone pretty well known here to match up with the rest of the cast, as I don’t really think this is the time to take a gamble on a relative unknown.

Last Week: DR. STRANGE

There are very few notable superhero types left to cast these days, but one face we’ve missed so far is the goateed mug of Dr. Strange. Last week I asked you who you guys thought should play him.

1. Liam Neeson (9%) 2. Jim Caviezel (7%) 3. Joseph Fiennes (6%)

Yeah, not terribly conclusive, as you had a ton of different people to suggest who at one point have had beards onscreen, but I do like these three choices.

Neeson is always great in almost any role (except Zeus), but Cavaziel and Fiennes both need more roles, and this would be a great part for either of them I believe. A

lright, who should play the mysterious Moriarty?

Extra Tidbit: Liam Neeson for Moriarty! Liam Neeson for everyone!
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