Charlize Theron confirms Atomic Blonde sequel is in the works

Those of you hungry for more of Charlize Theron kicking some serious ass will be pleased to know that a sequel to ATOMIC BLONDE is in the works, at least, that's according to Theron herself who dropped the news while speaking at the San Francisco Film Festival this weekend. The actress was discussing the incredible amount of work which went into crafting the intense fight sequences in ATOMIC BLONDE, and how her mother had asked her whether it was really worth it. Turns out, yes, it is, and Theron said, "We’re working on a sequel."

Hurrah! Our own JimmyO spoke with ATOMIC BLONDE director David Leitch shortly before the release of the film, and Leitch said they were more than willing to craft more adventures with Charlize Theron's character. "I think all the creative involved want to do more adventures with Lorraine, and we're just hoping that the audience responds," Leitch said. "I think it's all, at the end of the day, show business, so if people want to come out and see this movie and support the female protagonist and action movies with a woman lead, then maybe we'll get to make more of these. That's the hope, man." The film wound up performing along the same lines as the first JOHN WICK, whose sequel was an even bigger success.

As for what form an ATOMIC BLONDE sequel would take, David Leitch and stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave spoke with Bustle last year to say that they were thinking about taking Lorraine "into the '90s." At the time, Leitch seemed confident that Lorraine would return, saying, "there's a lot of people that are already buzzing about, 'Hey, we should do it, we want to see the character again.' Lorraine Broughton is a really compelling, fun character. There's a lot of wish fulfillment in her, for both men and women." Looks like Leitch will get his wish.

What would you like to see in the ATOMIC BLONDE sequel?

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