Check out some stunning concept art from James Mangold's Logan

Logan concept art

Most of us have been looking forward to LOGAN for quite some time, and last Friday, Hugh Jackman's farewell to Wolverine was finally released to some extremely positive reviews and a very healthy box-office. We're likely to be discussing the film for some time as well as discovering new elements buried within, and illustrator/designer Shae Shatz (THE JUNGLE BOOK) has already gotten people talking with a few pieces of LOGAN concept art which show off some fresh takes of familiar locations as well as ones which didn't make the cut. Check them out, along with Shatz's comments, and don't forget to embiggen!

"I think this was my first painting for #Logan. Exterior of Logan's Hideout. Big thanks to Francois Audouy and team!"

"Another #sketch from #Logan of the Hideout. I did a bunch of these and we settled here."

"The casino sequence from #Logan with the amazing Nick Pugh's car design for Logan in the foreground."

"An idea for the flashback sequence for #Logan where the bad guys reside."

"Establishing of farm scene and combine sequence from #Logan. It was great working with Francois and Gabriel on this one."

"Xavier Interior for Logan. Had a fun time working on this."

"A deleted scene from #Logan. At one point we were trying some different ideas and locations within the Logan universe."

LOGAN is now playing in theaters, so make sure to check out the reviews from our own Chris Bumbray and Eric Walkuski. Also, when you have seen the film, make sure to tell us what you thought of it!

Source: Shae Shatz



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