Chris Pratt runs with purpose in this new Jurassic World image

There is something inherently heroic about Chris Pratt. Prior to his roles in ZERO DARK THIRTY and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Pratt seemed destined for comedic roles. But, then he got ripped (twice) and showed us that he has the same approachable, everyman quality that made Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis ruggedly likeable. It is no wonder that every lead role in a new movie seems to be a perfect fit for Pratt.

This summer, JURASSIC WORLD will benefit from Pratt as it's star and each new photo from the film seems to cement that he is having a lot of fun playing in the biggest toysets that Hollywood has to offer. This latest image from Colin Trevorrow's addition to the dinosaur franchise has Pratt running with purpose. It is hard to tell if he is running from something or towards something, but the tagline makes it seem like it may be the former.

JURASSIC WORLD is likely going to be an insane and over the top thrill ride that harkens back to Steven Spielberg's original movie. I just hope this serves as more proof that Pratt is ideal for whatever role is offered to him.

JURASSIC WORLD hits theaters on June 12, 2015.

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