Christina Hendricks set to have a thing for Billy Bob in Bad Santa 2

I never knew Santa Claus had such a power over women, but different strokes for different folks, I guess.

The piss-drenched, filthy suit of mall Santa Willie T. Stokes is set to do it for Christina Hendricks this in BAD SANTA 2, with the former MAD MEN actress signing on to play the love interest of Billy Bob Thornton. First Lauren Graham and now Hendricks...? Talk about letting your kink guide you.

While the plot of BAD SANTA 2 has been kept pretty quiet thus far, it's trickled out that Hendricks would be playing the upper-class, well-to-do head of a charitable organization that Thornton and Kathy Bates, set to play his mother, target for their next score. It just so happens that she has a thing for Santa, setting plenty up for the film to take advantage of.

Hmmm... Guess Willie wasn't able to shake the life once he got out of prison. Good. We probably wouldn't have had much of a follow-up if he had. I'm curious to see what kind of fresh dynamic Hendricks brings to the table for BAD SANTA 2, and I at least hope we get some answers as to where Graham's Sue may be these days. I'm sure Stokes' drunken ways got old really quickly once he tasted freedom (and more vodka) again... or maybe his f*ckstick stopped working.

BAD SANTA 2 climbs down your theater's chimney on November 23, 2016.



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