Christopher Nolan has finished a draft of his next project

It is easy to forget that making movies takes a long time. It has not even been a full year since Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR hit theaters and we are already foaming at the mouth to find out what his next film will be. There have been rumors that he would be adapting a novel or existing property for the big screen while others have theorized he would be creating an original story of his own. Whatever the case, we may soon be learning what that film is.

A pair of tweets appeared online today with the following update.

While this is hardly concrete news, it is still exciting to know that Nolan dove right into another project after finishing INTERSTELLAR. What we do not know is whether he wrote it alongside any of his frequent collaborators or if this was a solo effort. We also don't know if it is based on any existing book or if it is an original concept. What we can be sure of is that the clock is already ticking on a new Christopher Nolan movie coming soon.

As much as I enjoyed the DARK KNIGHT trilogy and INCEPTION, I was a bit underwhelmed by INTERSTELLAR. I don't need every Nolan film to one-up his previous effort, but I do ask that he continue to challenge what we expect a movie to be. Here's hoping the wait to find out what this new project is doesn't go on too long.

Source: Twitter



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