Cliffhanger for Dekker?

For the record can I just say, holy crap! Now, that I've moved on from the initial shock I can tell you that we have a CLIFFHANGER 2 coming.

Now back in May it was announced that CLIFFHANGER was getting the good ol' reboot. Now let's travel backwards, in 1993 I was 9, Janine Turner was grade A top choice meat, and Sylvester Stallone was still completely capable of making a box office hit. As we travel forwards, I'm nearly 25, Janine Turner has kept well, and Stallone is Stallone. Needless to say the movie wasn't perfect, but someone wants to keep it going.

When firstshowing.net went to the screening of 1987's cult MONSTER SQUAD there was a live commentary with director Fred Dekker and screenwriter Shane Black. When it got down to the Q&A portion of the evening, it was asked what Dekker was working on, and the mouths were soon to drop when he answered, "I'm currently writing CLIFFHANGER 2."

Honestly, I thought they were doing a remake of MONSTER SQUAD, but apparently it's not worth mentioning. Well, whether CLIFFHANGER is a remake or sequel, it still makes me wonder what's going on in the world of movies today. The last thing Drekker wrote was 3 episodes of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE and ROBOCOP 3, and I don't even have to make fun of ROBOCOP 3 it does it for itself. We'll see what happens.

Extra Tidbit: Oh, and you will be getting NIGHT OF THE CREEPS on DVD. All you had to do was be patient.



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