Cobie Smulders snags role in The Avengers!

I don't watch "How I Met Your Mother" so I'm not very familiar with Cobie Smulders but I have a feeling that's about to change. Smulders is finalizing a deal to star in THE AVENGERS in the previously mentioned role of a SHIELD agent working with Sam Jackson's Nick Fury.

Deadline reveals the character in question will be Maria Hill, a character created by Brian Michael Bendis who was at one time the interim Executive Director of SHIELD. Hill is something of a female version of Nick Fury - ruthless and tough as nails to the point where she doesn't have a lot of allies in the agency (though later she earns respect from Tony Stark when he takes over SHIELD). According to the Marvel website, Hill is "Proficient in interrogation, unarmed combat, marksmanship and the handling and processing of massive amounts of information. She is skilled at directing several operations and operatives at once."

Latino Review scooper El Mayimbe was talking the other day that he had heard the Hill role will be mainly "administrative" and that her only scenes would be with Nick Fury so don't expect to see her launch into full-on superhero mode much (unless Whedon begins tweaking the part).

Smulders first caught the eye of Joss Whedon back when he was developing WONDER WOMAN and it was his apparent interest in her that led to his departure from that film (producer Joel Silver vehemently disagreed with the choice).

Source: Deadline



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