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When I first read that GET SMART was going to be part of the Warner Bros. panel, there were no stars scheduled to be at the presentation. But as Quint (from Ain't It Cool) and I were making our way backstage with a Warners rep, I saw Steve Carell, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kev Davitian. Looks like the WB had a little surprise in store for the Con audience.

Before they let the crowd in on the secret, they showed an extended trailer for the film. What the teaser didn't show you, that this piece definitely highlighted, was that this isn't just some ha-ha comedy. There are some BIG action set pieces here. In fact the trailer was cut together rapidly so it's hard to remember exactly what went by but there was definitely a lot of car chases, explosions, Steve Carell kicking ass (seriously!), Anne Hathaway looking extremely hot and shooting off her gun like a pro and, yes, the fabled shoe phone. Carell is wise to not do a straight-up imitation of Don Adams but it's what you would call an homage. There's a hilarious bit at the end where Carell is in a fighter jet using a sick bag. He throws up in the bag, misses, then squeezes the bag and puke starts oozing everywhere. Nasty - but hilarious.

Afterwards director Peter Segal brought out the cast - Masi Oka, Ken Davitian, The Rock and Steve Carell - with the applause getting louder with each announcement. I thought the crowd was going nuts for Rock when he came out (looked jacked, I might say) but then Carell came out and the place went nuts. All the butts were out of their seat for the man. He looked humble as usual and was just giggling to himself.

The first question for the gang revolved around how close they were going to hew to the original series. Segal said that there was no way to achieve the greatness of the series but they were keeping the theme and the sense of humor. They're not trying to reinvent the franchise or anything and Carell said he could never be as good as Don Adams, he's just trying to do him justice.

Segal said that they working with the close approval of creator Mel Brooks who has been working with them through the production and he even hinted that Brooks might have a cameo but he couldn't officially announce that yet.

At one point someone in the audience was taking entirely too long to answer a question, at which point Carell started shouting at him: "Hurry up and ask a question! You're wasting our time!" It was all in good fun and he was cracking up The Rock who was dying laughing. Eventually the guy got out his question about how action-heavy the material looked in the trailer we saw. Carell explained that his vision for the film when he first met with Warner Bros. was that GET SMART should be a comedic version of THE BOURNE IDENTITY. Everyone laughed but he said he was being serious. He didn't want the character to know he was in a comedy because he thought it would be funnier if the character felt like he was doing something serious.

Segal added quickly before the panel was over that there would be an appearance by Hymie the Robot in the film as well as Agent 13 played by a surprise actor (David Ketchum starred in the original). That was it for GET SMART and though I've heard troubling things from the production (it was rushed into filming to accomodate Carell's schedule), I was actually pretty impressed by what I saw. Good action, funny comedy and Anne Hathaway in a variety of wigs and short skirts. Hot stuff!

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