CON: MGM Party

After what can only be described as the worst day I've ever had at the Con (4 hours in line for Hall H for no reason and two failed attempts at a podcast) I thought it was time to let things go and treat myself to some free drinks and food. I grabbed my home-boy Ammon Gilbert and we headed two blocks away to the MGM Stargate Universe party. What we found was more than enough to brighten my spirits. Booze, broads, and Kevin Sorbo.

We tried not to fall into the pool as we roamed around the festivities looking for celebrities to take secret pics with. The pulled-pork, seafood, and steak was plentiful, the drinks were strong and cold, and the hotties were lightly dressed. What more can you ask for?

Drinks first

Food next

Then more drinks

We were interrupted when the entire cast of 'Stargate Universe' showed up and demanded everyone's attention as they played the trailer for the series. Ammon and I finally realized we were standing next to a bunch of actors and actresses. Present were Robert Carlyle, David Blue, and hottie, Elyse Levesque along with other cast and crew.

Stargate Hottie Elyse

As if threatened by the attention given to the cast, Kevin Sorbo made his presence know by macking the ladies and basically throwing around his 'Hercules' credibility to show the crowd who was still the main motherfucker at the party. Don't let the smile fool you below, he was 2.5 seconds away from folding us over like garment bags and fisting us to death.

From there we just got shit-bombed and waited for Johnny Moreno to show up and ignore us for a couple hours. Dude can talk internet with every random blogger this side of the equator. It got so bad that we decided to secret pic his ass, just to prove he was there. This officially gives him the celebrity status he deserves,

The night rounded down and the open bar became a cash bar. this was our cue to pack up our shit and leave. Everybody was feeling the effects of all you can eat calamari and the bartenders' gracious free-pours. None more than this guy.

All-in-all another great night in San Diego that let us (me) forget about the horrors of Hall H, kickback, and talk shit about everybody that didn't want to talk to us. Thanks MGM, I've already RSVP'd to next years event, featuring even more Sorbo and less heat lamps that make my scalded cranium burst into flames every time I got within three feet. I hate TWILIGHT.

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