Conan O'Brien plays Batman trying to join the MCU in Conan sketch

Things haven’t been going so well for the DCEU in recent years as their slate of movies fails to match the might of Marvel’s massive outings. Even though DC has the likes of Superman and Aquaman on their side, they may not be a match for the likes of Iron Man and Thor. You have to wonder if any of the heroes in the Justice League would ever want to join the Avengers, and now Conan O'Brien is using his time at San Diego Comic-Con to play out that scenario by donning the cape and cowl as Batman trying to switch over to Marvel.

However, as cool as Batman may be, he may not be cool enough for the coolest side of the lunchroom. Rob Huebel (BAYWATCH) as Iron Man, Keegan-Michael Key (KEANU) as Black Panther, David Koechner (ANCHORMAN) as Thor and Rikki Lindhome (ANOTHER PERIOD) as Black Widow constantly mock Batman for being so sad and stuck in the rain so much, with Widow asking, “is Gotham City in Seattle?”

Batman even asks what’s the difference between Batman and Marvel, with Black Panther getting in a sick burn saying, “Have you checked the box office lately, Bruce Lame?” Laughs all around! But leave it to trusty sidekick Robin (Andy Richter) to come in and save the day with a few insults of his own, asking if Thor "makes good tips at Medieval Times?"

Hey, sometimes you just have to deal with the cards you're dealt...like in the game of Settlers of Catan the League plays at their table. 

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