Cool Videos: A Pair of Horror movie homage music videos to spook you this Halloween

Ah, Halloween. This is definitely my favorite holiday. What other time of year can you get away with pretending to be a devil, serial killer, or naughty nurse? Ok, maybe Thanksgiving, but that is it. Halloween is a holiday dedicated to ghouls and goblins and is the most socially acceptable time to watch horror movies.

I love horror movies because it is the only genre with no rules. The only boundary for horror is the limits of the imagination. The problem with most horror is that it lacks imagination and replaces it with gore and violence. Some of the scariest movies ever made don't shed a drop of blood.

These videos pay homage to the classics of horror cinema in their own way. The first is called "Living in a Haunted House" from the band Fortress of Attitude. The video collects some of the most iconic haunted houses from film. My personal favorite, HOUSE, is right there in the middle. See how many of the movies you can name.

The second video comes from New Zealand band Porcelaintoy. Their song "Monsters" is set to the classic Bela Lugosi film WHITE ZOMBIE. This is a pretty damn impressive use of special effects. The band is inserted right into the movie and you can barely tell. That may be thanks to the handiwork of visual effects guy Frank Rueter, whose credits include LORD OF THE RINGS and RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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