Cool Videos: Andy Serkis reads from The Hobbit in character as Gollum

This past week was the first Tolkien Week in a decade that was celebrated knowing a new movie from the late author's works would be coming to the big screen. It was celebrated in style, with new posters, trailers, and special events around the globe. A fun one was this video of Andy Serkis visiting Fulham Palace Gardens in London, which was decorated to resemble the Shire. Serkis showed up and read excerpts from THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY in character as Gollum.

While none of the children seem to be horrified at the creepy Gollum voice, I am sure a few ran screaming to their moms and dads. But, it is nice how all of the cast and crew of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and HOBBIT films embrace the legacy of JRR Tolkien and the fans of his books.

As a bonus, here is another video of Tolkien himself reading a poem in Elvish. Hearing him read in the fictional language is pretty cool. Is it just me or does Elvish sound a lot like Italian?

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Extra Tidbit: Andy Serkis on becoming Gollum again: “Twelve years later … I’ve heard that many impersonations [and] people ask me to do that many telephone messages for them. So the first days of getting back into the character are really hard”
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