Cool Videos: Arrested Development's Dr. Tobias Funke says "insert me anywhere"

With the new season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT hitting Netflix in about a week and we have another treat along with the great trailer for season four. The website Insert Me Anywhere is Dr. Tobias Funke (David Cross) with a new idea to get himself into Hollywood as an actor. The site features multiple green screen characters such as Action Hero, Motorcycle Ruffian, Average Fellow, Cowpoke, and more. Each is a hilariously bad performance that makes you wish the show never left the air.

As a nice treat, the site also has a "sizzling reel" showing all of the different characters as they could be employed by Ron Howard or James Cameron. Funke does say he has never seen AVATAR or TITANIC, but knows Cameron as an actor from his role on ENTOURAGE.

Enjoy the site and get ready for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT to premiere all season four episodes on May 26th.

Extra Tidbit: "It's like having a mango in your mouth." I cannot stop laughing.



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