Cool Videos: Can you guess which game show Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul was a contestant on?

Star Aaron Paul has been on a serious rise through his tenure with AMC's Breaking Bad, making the name and mannerisms of his character, Jessie, a household thing. As prepares to move on from the tremendous show with movies like NEED FOR SPEED and A LONG WAY DOWN, there's still time to look back and reflect on how far he's come. And that's just what Jay Leno did when hosting Paul on his show, where he dug deep into the archives to find out which game show (spoiled in the vidcap) Paul was a contestant on lone before he was cooking meth and calling everyone a bitch.

Paul has been outspoken, goofy, and energetic in most of his interviews and seems like an all around cool guy, so seeing his genuine reactions and "participation" in this particular game show is a true gem. It's obvious from those early days that Paul had a knack for performing. And then some.


Extra Tidbit: I'd like to see Aaron Paul move on to some big budget, popcorn flicks, but at the same time I hope he stays somewhat grounded as well and plays in some smaller fare that will allow him to show off his range and ability. A great talent I hope to see continue.
Source: Too Fab



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