Cool Videos: Iron Man 3 gets an Honest Trailer and a reimagining starring Mark Wahlberg

As the Summer of 2013 movie season comes to a close, it is time to celebrate with the movie that kicked it off: IRON MAN 3. Some of you loved the third Tony Stark adventure while many were disappointed by the twists and turns in Shane Black's blockbuster. With everyone divided over the film, it seems the only way to address it is with an all-new Honest Trailer!

The guys at Honest Trailers always do a great job of distilling our frustrations with movies, for better or worse, into a nice five minute bundle of snark. This IRON MAN 3 edition is no different as it argues the holes in the plot, pacing, and overall package. I wonder myself why none of The Avengers jumped in to save Tony. I mean, the entire plot was global news. The Mandarin isn't work S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attention?

The second video imagines what IRON MAN would have been like (or could be, some day) if Mark Wahlberg had the title role. The entire franchise is reimagined in the vein of THE FIGHTER complete with thick Boston accents and references to Fenway Park. I can tolerate the idea of Wahlberg when it is a joke like this, but the actual prospect of him being Tony Stark fills me with dread. Not a good idea at all.

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