Cool Videos: John Leguizamo shares some Super Mario Bros. stories for the film's 20th anniversary

Ready to feel old? Twenty years ago today SUPER MARIO BROS. was released into theaters. The film was a commercial and critical failure and is usually considered not only one of the worst video game movies of all time but one of the worst movies of all time, period. The film is so bad that most of the stars of SUPER MARIO BROS. have openly trashed it in public, including Bob Hoskins who (to put it lightly) thinks the film was a mistake. 

John Leguizamo has expressed his dislike for the film and his role before (apparently him and Hoskins would get drunk to get through filming because they knew it was going to turn out horrible) but to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary he filmed a nice little message for a SUPER MARIO BROS. movie fansite. In the video Leguizamo talks about how SUPER MARIO BROS. was one of the first video game movies, working with Bob Hoskins and shares a couple of humorous stories from filming the movie.

Leguizamo very easily could have crapped all over the film but in the end that would be crapping on fans of the movie, which do exist. I wouldn't call myself a fan but I've seen the movie multiple times and I'm not talking about when I was nine. I'm glad to see that John Leguizamo can look back and laugh about his experience with SUPER MARIO BROS. but also realizes and appreciates the fact that there are fans of the film out there.

Extra Tidbit: The narrator of SUPER MARIO BROS. is Dan Castellaneta, voice of Homer on The Simpsons.



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