Cool Videos: Learn how to make Wonder Woman's shield

I can't wait for WONDER WOMAN! I know people rag on the DCEU, and it's true all their films were received...with mixed results at best (though I personally enjoy MAN OF STEEL, flaws and all), I'm ready for a comeback. As much as I enjoy the MCU films, I was always a DC kid at heart. And, hell, if the early buzz turns out to be true, we might get our first real winner from the DC camp! I mean, it's not that far-fetched - even people who hated BATMAN V SUPERMAN still praised Wonder Woman's presence.

And one of the things praised was her wardrobe, including her shield (especially the awesome scene where she uses it to block Doomsday's beams). So if you ever wanted to own the shield yourself, boy do I have a video for you:

Meanwhile, WONDER WOMAN will hit theaters June 2nd, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: If I could have any super item, it'd be Spawn's cape.
Source: YouTube



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