Cool Videos: Long lost alternate Yoda death scenes from Return of the Jedi have been found

There have been a whole bunch of classic STAR WARS treats the last fews weeks. First we got the teasers and trailer for each of the original trilogy films and now we get an obscure look at alternate versions of the pivotal Yoda death scene from RETURN OF THE JEDI. Found on an EditDroid laserdisc, the scenes have made their way to Facebook and include a version of the Yoda scene I have never seen before.

While the overall purpose of the scene remains the same, you can clearly see what could have been if Frank Oz and Mark Hamill's interpretation of the material had been used in this way versus the final theatrical version.

The quality of these clips is not the best and looks like it was never remastered. I wonder why we haven't gotten these moments on any of the numerous DVDs and Blu-rays. I am sure fans would love to see all of the material that never made it into the final versions or the special editions of the films. Maybe they will make it happen for the 40th anniversary of STAR WARS in 2017.

Source: Facebook



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