Cool Videos: Miles Fisher's New Romance for Final Destination 5

It's kind of a foregone conclusion that FINAL DESTINATION 5 is going to be terrible, it's really just a matter of HOW terrible. It's a series that shouldn't have lasted past one film by definition, but now has sort of embraced it's insanity and campiness and turned into something else entirely.

The cast seems to be having fun with it, which is why we get this video from the talented Miles Fisher, best known for his absolutely fantastic musical rendition of American Psycho you all should have seen by now. Why this guy doesn't have a page full of music videos is beyond me.

The premise here is a sort of Saved by the Bell remake feature the cast of FD5, and it's just a normal day at school until things start to go horribly wrong. This will probably be much more entertaining than the film itself.

Extra Tidbit: I stopped watching these movies when someone got killed by a rock flung from a lawnmower.
Source: Miles Fisher



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