Cool Videos: The most offensive cell phone PSA in theater history

Does anyone remember when the only public service announcement before a movie was about walking, not running, to the nearest exit? Then it became a request to turn off the ringer on your cell and now it is a plea to not text during the movie since most smartphone screens are bright as hell and completely ruin the movie experience for the rest of us. I love my smartphone as much as the next person, but I love watching movies more.

The UK horror festival FrightFest had a dozen directors come up with their own take on reminding patrons to be quiet during the movie. Since they were never intended for general cinema use, they had no limits. One director, Can Evrenol, took it to what I would consider the most NSFW place imaginable. For some reason, seeing this video reminds me of the movie MANIAC and Peter Jackson's DEAD-ALIVE. Don't ask me why.

I will say again, this video is the most NSFW I can imagine without any actual nudity. Watch at your own risk!

Wrong on so many levels and yet so right. I remember seeing a horror movie in theaters surrounded by teenyboppers. Being at least ten years older than everyone, I was annoyed at the huge number of smartphone screens popping up through the movie. One person checked their phone every five minutes for the first hour of the movie. During a particularly quiet moment, the person checked it again and I shouted "turn off your f**king phone!" which was met with a round of applause. I am not typically one to do that sort of thing, but I just could not keep my head in the movie with that damn screen shining every few minutes.

I haven't had too many issues during the movies in recent years. How about you? Do you think these PSAs make any difference to the general public?

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