Cool Videos: Tom Cruise & Jimmy Fallon perform monster-inspired Kid Theater

Oh Jimmy Fallon, you just can't seem to hold yourself together, can you? That's alright, after all, you do get to interact with some of the funniest celebrities in the business, and everyone loves a good laugh. You've come a long way, kid, and I hope you enjoy all the Lip Sync Battles, bizarre interviews, and reoccurring skits that come your way. You've earned it, dude.

Today, a laugh-out-loud video featuring THE MUMMY actor Tom Cruise and Saturday Night Live funnyman-turned-late-show-host Jimmy Fallon has hit the net, and it's got both actors participating in a hilarious, monster-inspired installment of Fallon's Kid Theater. If you've never partaken in a viewing of Kid Theater, it's a reoccurring, sit-down skit where both Fallon and a celebrity guest act out scenarios written from the perspective of young children. On this week's installment of the series, Cruise and Fallon assume the roles of a mummy, skeleton, a boy named Charlie, and a sheep with a bad case of the hiccups. Narrated by the show's own Steve Higgins, both participants can scarcely make it through their respective lines without cracking up and breaking character. It's all in the spirit of the type of fun that's to be had from a program like LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON.

You can watch the hilarious footage from the skit posted below:

Furthermore, if you're feeling like you need more Tom Cruise in your life, be sure to head to the theater on June 9th, when THE MUMMY shambles its way onto the big screen. 

Extra Tidbit: Tom was raised in a devout Catholic household and he initially wanted to become a priest. At age 14, he even attended a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati on a scholarship, but he lure of Hollywood prove too strong.



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