Cool Videos: Watch Max Landis and Haley Joel Osment get slapped in the face

A couple of months ago, a video of 20 strangers kissing for the first time hit YouTube and caused a stir by featuring same sex couples locking lips. With 84 million hits to it's credit, the video was ripe for parody. Who better than renowned button pusher Max Landis to come up with the best one.

Landis, best known as the screenwriter on CHRONICLE, has made a name for himself online with his very frank perspective on films and the current state of Hollywood. For his video project, he brought together 20 of his own friends, including actors like Haley Joel Osment, and paired them up with people they didn't know. They were then asked to slap each other. The results are pretty damn funny.

At the very least, you get to see how kissing a stranger may not be quite as therapeutic as slapping the crap outta someone you just met. You can also enjoy a second video of just Max Landis getting slapped upwards of thirty times. Enjoy.

Source: YouTube



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