Could this be our first look at Battlecat from Masters of the Universe?

Back in January, Columbia Pictures executive Devon Franklin tweeted an image of the title page to Jeff Wadlow's script for a new take on the 80s cartoon MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Since then, there has not been much news about the film. In the interim, Sony has had some big shake-ups behind the scenes, so it is tough to tell which projects are making progress and which are dead in the water.

Franklin took to Twitter again and responded to fans inquiring about MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and when we can expect to see the movie. Franklin seemed positive that things would progress once meetings with the new Sony leadership take place. He then shared an image of a familiar kitty. Take a look.

I could be wrong, but that looks like it could be Battlecat, He-Man's pet and friend. This, of course, could be fan art or a concept image for the film, but the fact that a producer of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE shared it with the world makes one wonder just how significant this could be. The 1987 feature film starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella did not feature Battlecat, so this would be the first time the animal would grace the big screen.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE played a big part in my childhood. I even liked the movie version we got, but to see a faithful adaptation of the toys using cutting edge effects would be something to behold. Here's hoping the new regime at Sony makes this happen.

Source: Twitter



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