Damon Lindelof apologizes to Lost fans in his Deathly Hallows review

Quite a few people were mad about the ending of LOST. What bothered those Losties the most was all the unanswered questions. To the other half of the fanbase this didn't matter because as far as they and the writers (Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse) were concerned the series had always been about the characters. But not everyone got swept up in the show for that reason. A lot of people had invested time in trying to come up with theories about pivotal mysteries on the show.

After the show was over and people started to complain, Cuse and Lindelof said that if you didn't like the way the show was ended then you were not allowed to call yourself a fan. Harsh.

Lindelof who claims to be a "huge HARRY POTTER fan" got a slap in the face when he decided to watch and review DEATHLY HALLOWS. Here is the opening of his review:

"The most awesome part about being one of the primary storytellers of a popular television show is hearing how much its most loyal fans hate it. Oh. Wait. It's actually not awesome. It hurts like hell. I know—boo hoo for me. That's the price of doing business, isn't it? If I'm asking you to invest your time and attention in a story I'm telling, it's your right to tell me that you hate that story. You just don't get to call yourself a "fan." At least that is what I had always believed. Then I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1."

Further down he writes: "As I staggered out into the parking lot, my brain was deftly trying to resolve a deep and complicated paradox: If I loved the book, and the movie was an incredibly loyal adaptation of that book… How could I possibly hate the movie? And even more distressing… Based on the careful emotional logic I'd been using to insulate myself from the slings and arrows of 'Why didn't you people answer any goddamn questions?' and 'A golden light in the middle of the island? SERIOUSLY?!?', if I hated the movie… Did that mean I was no longer a fan?"

He said that he was still a fan of the Potter series regardless of how he felt about the film. Then came the apology, "And so I sincerely and genuinely apologize to all those whom I have stripped of their Lost fandom just for complaining about the stuff you didn't like. It doesn't make you any less a fan. In fact… It just makes you honest. I respect that. And I'm genuinely sorry for ever feeling otherwise."

I didn't want to go into why exactly Lindelof was turned off by the movie. If you want that you can read it for yourself here. I know there are people who still haven't seen DH yet.

Extra Tidbit: LOST fans: Does this apology make you feel any better? Or would you rather it accompany actual answers to your questions? If there even are any... As Dave Davis said he's not apologizing for not giving those answers, he's apologizing for "implying that people who had complaints about it weren't really "fans"."



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