Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio in talks for Sony's Steve Jobs biopic

When one door closes, another opens. Sometimes that may even be in an unexpected pairing. After David Fincher dropped out of Sony's Steve Jobs biopic due to lack of creative control which included his desire to cast Christian Bale in the lead. With Fincher gone, the Aaron Sorkin scripted movie has been awaiting some new big names to shepherd it to the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter thinks that pairing may be Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio. Boyle is best known to audiences as the Oscar-winning director of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and 127 HOURS, but fans have known his work going back to TRAINSPOTTING, 28 DAYS LATER, SHALLOW GRAVE, SUNSHINE, and THE BEACH. In fact, it was THE BEACH where Boyle and DiCaprio first collaborated.

Sony was hoping to keep Fincher on board to recreate the award-winning team behind THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Now, we could see how a fresh star and director can tackle Aaron Sorkin's fast-talking script. Boyle has definitely shown he can handle a myriad of genres and styles and reteaming with DiCaprio could result in some serious Oscar bait, but I wonder if this is the right combo to tell the story of the Apple founder. DiCaprio may be a chameleon but even he would have to admit it is a stretch to compare him to Steve Jobs, physically.

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently attached to star in THE REVENANT for Alejandro Gonzalex Inarritu while Boyle has not begun working on his follow-up project after last year's lackluster TRANCE. I wouldn't expect to see this movie until late 2015 or early 2016, but consider me intrigued.



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