Dark is Rising trailer

I'm wondering when this latest deluge of fantasy films will start to trickle down. A few more expensive failures ought to do it, but studios are still grabbing multi-book series off the shelves for feature treatment, so I guess it won't be any time soon...

Anyway, the trailer for THE DARK IS RISING, the latest "kid who's the chosen one" tale, is upon us. Sadly, the kid is not this sexy young thing pictured, but instead some other random kid. He discovers he's the hope of humanity or something, and then gets trained by the Old West's most profane bartender.

Villain du jour (and recent Dr. Who) Chris Eccleston rides in to stir up some shit in this one, which might make it worth watching... assuming you can tell it apart from the other dozen fantasy flicks arriving in theaters on a seemingly weekly basis. Check out the trailer RIGHT HERE!

'Evan' was the chosen one who let us know!
Extra Tidbit: Considering how many times we've seen the same kind of story, the term should probably be "the chosen bunch". A "cluster of chosens"?
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