David Ayer, Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramirez & Lucy Fry talk Bright!

In case you haven’t noticed, Netflix has become a major player when it comes to quality, original content. And that doesn’t just mean TV. This week, they are bringing us a brand new sci-fi flick directed by David Ayer, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. BRIGHT may remind many veiwers of the classic Eighties buddy cop flicks, but just add a little bit of fantasy and you have something quite unique. Imagine Ayer taking his gritty style and bringing in elements of LORD OF THE RINGS and you’ll get the idea. This is brutal cop flick that also features Elves, Orcs and Fairies, but this isn’t your parents fable.

At the junket for the film, we took time to speak to Mr. Ayer about his influences and taking on a violent cop story with a twist. We talked about THE HIDDEN and 48 HOURS, and the idea of mixing these genres together. Afterwards, we spoke to the fantastic Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry and Edgar Ramirez. All three actors represent the Elves, and the three opened up about learning the language and preparing for the action. And frankly, seeing the lovely Rapace in a villain role was incredibly satisfying. You can check out BRIGHT when it premieres this Friday, December 22nd at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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