Deadpool 2 writer debunks X-Force teaser report

Two days ago a report came out saying that DEADPOOL 2 could feature an end-credits teaser featuring three of members of the X-FORCE line up – Sunspot, Feral and Shatterstar. Well, prepare for those dreams to be shattered, as DEADPOOL screenwriter Rhett Reese has come out to debunk said report.

The writer was asked by a Twitter follower if the news was correct, and Reese responded with a blunt answer, that may or may not bring much sadness to comic book fans everywhere:

Well, that takes care of that.

Even though Reese has come out to say this is just a rumor, it doesn’t mean the characters won’t be in X-FORCE at all. The characters could be in the final product, but just won’t be teased in the second film. This news come on the heels of another movie being actually, officially casted – NEW MUTANTS – with Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams being cast as Magik and Wolfsbane respectively.

Some of you may be disappointed that you won’t get to see these three mutants early, but hey, that’s the nature of the biz. Reports come out, someone confirms or denies, reports are updated, and then we all go have punch and pie. Again, we could see these characters in the final product, but you’ll just have to wait patiently to discover the final line up. It’s all a great big, fun mystery, no?

DEADPOOL 2 is set for June 1, 2018 with Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz and more.

Source: Twitter



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