Deadpool's writers on when to expect a full-blown X-Men/Deadpool crossover

While DEADPOOL is set within Fox's X-MEN universe, the filmmakers couldn't exactly start playing with X-MEN franchise big boys like Wolverine and Professor X. Now that DEADPOOL has exploded in popularity and made Fox mucho dinero in just two weeks, I'd imagine that the studio will be much more likely to share their top-tier characters with their new belle of the ball. However, a full-blown crossover between DEADPOOL and X-MEN is something which screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese hope to avoid, at least in the near future. The pair spoke with The Playlist recently where Reese revealed his hope to get a few more DEADPOOL sequels out there before launching into a full crossover.

If you look at the ‘Iron Man’ model they had two 'Iron Man' [movies] before they had an ‘Avengers,’ and if left up to us, I think that would be a very prudent path. The second issue at hand is the 'X-Men' universe timeline. 'The X-Men' series is currently set in the 1980s, 'Deadpool,' is set three decades later in our present day.

I can't imagine that something so insignificant as time could keep Deadpool from popping up in an X-MEN film before the timelines catch up, but Paul Wernick also believes that the timelines need to sync up before that event takes place.

It’s a timeline that will eventually catch up I would imagine, but ['X-Men' producer] Simon [Kingberg’s] more the keeper of that universe and maybe we’ll see more X-Men playing in Deadpool’s sandbox and probably Deadpool playing in their sandbox at some point.

Wernick went on the say that he's very pleased that DEADPOOL has become its own franchise independent of the X-MEN, as it "gives the studio two franchises in one, but I think it is its own franchise, and you’ll see synergy between those two properties, but they’re two very distinct brands." Much like Simon Kinberg is the "keeper of the X-MEN franchise", Wernick says that Reese and himself will have a hand in anything Deadpool is involved in, as it's "a universe that Ryan [Reynolds] and us are very close to and very protective of, so if it’s Deadpool related, I think you’ll see some of our fingerprints on that." The sequel to DEADPOOL, which Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are currently working on, will feature the character of Cable (sound off on who you think should play the character is the latest installment of Cast This!) and hopefully make things bigger, bloodier, and more obscene.

Which X-Men would you like to see Deadpool rub shoulders with in future films?

Source: The Playlist



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