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A sequel to DEADPOOL was reportedly greenlit before the first film was even finished with test audiences. Now that the movie is a huge success with critics, fans, and box office receipts, there really is no question that a sequel is coming. The only questions are when will it happen and what will it look like when it gets here. The folks behind the sequel are adamant they’re not going to over-do production (i.e. budget) just because they can. You could say a big part of the DEADPOOL’s charm was its low cost social media marketing and local feel (Vancouver!). What you can expect however are some new characters, either friends or foes, to join in on the R-rated fun.

Note: Those of you adverse to post-credits sequence spoilers might want to remind themselves about the importance of the 2 weeks grace period I've just made up.

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The people behind the DEADPOOL movie have been teasing an appearance from Cable for a while now; the Merc with a Mouth himself all but confirmed that the character will be making an appearance in the sequel during a post-credits scene. As you may know already, but if not here's a quick lesson: Cable is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey), he was sent to the future and came back as an adult later joining the X-Men, and has been an enemy and ally to Deadpool ever since. He was infected with a techno-organic virus which gave him a bionic arm; his other powers include telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and he always seems to carry very awesome futuristic guns. As he explains: “Just think of me as one of those crazy relatives you don't want visiting too often."

You can see why a lot of fans are happy to hear that he’s going to be making his way into the sequel, but that leaves us with the question of which actor would be best suited to the role? In the post-credits scene Deadpool mentions a few candidatesincluding Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and Keira Knightley. Do any of those names jump out at you? The actor will likely be in the age range of 40-60 and capable of playing a badass.

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Deadpool may have joked about casting Mel Gibson in the sequel, but I’m putting up the controversial actor the role of Cable. Imagine Ryan Reynolds and Gibson as frenemies, what's not to love? Gibson has been trying to repair his public image over the last few years with some interesting choices in movies, mostly action roles, but I trust an R-rated role of this nature would be right up his alley. They could even go as far as to take some of his greatest lines from that TMZ audio we all listened too! He can still kick ass, I’m sure of it, and this would be a great opportunity for the man to showcase it.

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We also have AVATAR's Stephen Lang; the actor took to Twitter to campaign for the role and has been a fan-favorite choice for a while now. I can’t say I’m a fan of the social media casting that some actors take upon themselves - it never really seems to work for one, and can be a turn off. With Lang however, I just can’t say no to that grizzled look of his, he was Cable in another life I’m sure. He’s in great shape for a soon-to-be 64-year-old but do you think Lang has a realistic shot at playing Cable in DEADPOOL 2?

Then there is everyone’s favorite go-to actor to die in a movie, Sean Bean. It’s time to throw this guy a bone and give him the role full of comedy and action, without the inevitable death. He’s always great to watch and hasn’t yet stepped into a superhero role of any kind. He would work well as an older mutant don’t you think? Imagine Deadpool offering up a roast of the actor’s filmography as well, that’s just money.

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Who do you think would be right for the role? If you were to ask DEADPOOL creator Rob Liefeld, he would tell you Mad Men star Jon Hamm was his top choice to play Cable. Hamm has been seen delving into all kinds of roles these days with parts in Black Mirror and Wet Hot American Summer, so Cable would be a fine addition for a lot of fans. Other decent options could be Russell Crowe or Liev Schreiber, both actors are familiar with the superhero genre as Crowe did some great work in MAN OF STEEL and Schreiber already played Sabretooth in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE which might disqualify him unless they really want to have fun with that fact.

Who would you like to see in the role?

RESULTS FROM CAST THIS: Young John McClane - 1. Jensen Ackles 2. Aaron Paul 3. Taron Egerton

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Extra Tidbit: At the very end of the credits, Deadpool mimics the post-credit scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off and informs the audience that the character Cable will be included in the sequel and will possibly be played by Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren or Keira Knightley.
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